The best car battery charger you have will be useless if you are not able to use it properly. And if you do not have a way or experience to use the tool would be very dangerous to users. Because this tool is a place to store electricity to fix electrical problems in your car or vehicle and other equipment. Surely the danger of misuse is certainly there if you do not know how to use the tool. Here are 2 steps on how to use the car charger so you are not wrong

1. The first step
Of course, the first step you take is to open the hood of your car or the place where the power supply on your car is located. Find where the battery is located to be able to transfer power to the best car battery charger you have on a car or a vehicle that has electrical problems. Find the place to unlock your car battery then locate the cylinder cover which is usually marked in red and has a “+” sign on the top that indicates a positive position. The next step is to close the lid with black which has a “-” as a negative position

2. The second step
After looking for positive and negative pole position on your car battery the next step is to connect the same pole with the best car battery charger you have. After all, parts are mounted in place press the power button on your supply to transfer power to your vehicle. If all the steps you have done trying to turn on your vehicle engine to ensure electricity is successfully transferred on your vehicle.

Easy enough and simple to do it, but if you are wrong of course will arise other damage. If you are still hesitant in doing some of the above steps it’s good if you ask for help from others who have experienced. And to know firsthand how to use it properly and correctly. If you do not have a power supply to solve your car’s electrical problems immediately visit to get the best option.

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