How to build a compulsory house foundation is very necessary, because it sees its function as the main support of a building structure. Without this support, the building will not be able to stand firmly and will likely be unfit for habitation as it will not pass the standard safety test. Installation of the wrong foundation will cause the building to become an unstable strength. It can usually be detected from the quality of cracked walls and cracked floors with uneven surfaces. When that happens, you need concrete crack repair for the foundation, because fixing the foundation requires a special trick.

In building the foundation, you should use the services of civil engineering or architects to determine what foundation should be made. Therefore, the height and the building materials will affect the type of foundation. In addition, there are several things to consider in building the foundation. Here are some tips when building a building foundation:

– When deciding to use the foundation of river rock type or brick, it is better to apply the foundation construction with a mounting technique that refers to bow plank point that has been made. The standard depth commonly used is as deep as 4 layers of red brick.

– The iron installation work is done after all foundation has been installed. The iron should be tied like a woven form. At each end, the iron is bent and attached to each local plate foundation that has been built. The result will resemble columns commonly called columns.

– Plastic installation is used to strengthen the foundation. The plastic used is the poly filled type. This plastic serves as a place for gravel.

– Do not forget to consult with the architect or civil consultant to get information on the recommended type of foundation. Especially if you build on a soft or hilly ground. Construction of the foundation will include special tricks for the building to stand firm and durable.

The advantage of making a strong home foundation is the wall will not crack, the floor is not easy to fall and crack. In addition, the risk of homes experiencing carelessness will be reduced drastically.

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