On some of the foundations of your house, you will often find a crack or crack in some parts. If this happens to your house, then all you have to do is get a free foundation repair estimate in Round Rock TX. That way, then you can handle the crack problem properly and appropriately.

Usually, the part that often cracks is the foundation column. In that section, there are several types of cracks that often occur. The following are some types of cracks that usually occur in that section of the column.

– Crack slide
Cracks with diagonal/oblique patterns on columns are usually called sliding fractures, which are caused by force in the horizontal/flat direction. Sliding rift like this is quite dangerous if not immediately handled because it can cause the column collapsed and unable to support the building.

– Flexible cracking
Cracked with a horizontal/flat pattern is usually called a flexible crack, caused by excessive pressure on the column. As with sliding fractures, flexible cracks need to be handled carefully.

– The concrete blanket is peeling off
Concrete blankets on peeling columns can be caused by low quality/quality of concrete used so that the strength of concrete against the pressure is reduced and the concrete blanket is easily broken. Control of the stages of development is necessary to prevent the decline in the quality of concrete.

– Cracked hair with irregular patterns
When the age of the building is still young, hair cracks can be detected. Although the hair crack is not harmful, but quite disturbing scenery. These small cracks are mostly caused by environmental influences, ie drastic changes in hot and cold temperatures. For example, a house built in the summer, after exposure to continuous exposure to rain.