To create a strong home base, we certainly have to do the right planning. How not, without adequate foundation, the foundation will not be able to withstand the burden of building on it and can make the building down. In addition, the building will also be at high risk of cracking the structure that would harm the occupants. To avoid this, we must pay attention to how to create a strong home base as follows. In the meantime, check out your trusted fix slab foundation service whenever you need to repair your house foundation professionally.

Note the depth of the foundation because without sufficient depth, then the strength of the foundation will also be less good in supporting the building load.
If we choose stone foundation times, then we can use a ratio of 1: 5 for sand cement mortar to maintain the strength of the foundation.

We also have to prepare the cuttings on the stone foundation so that can be associated with sloof.

If we choose footplate foundation, then it’s good we wear reinforcement with minimum size 12 mm. In addition, note also the quality of concrete where it’s good we use the quality range K225.

Meanwhile, where the cement sand and gravel ratio is the range 1: 1.5: 2.5.

Make sure also that the foundation reinforcement really integrates with the structure column up to the top of the building so that the foundation strength can be guaranteed.

Foundation and Soil Condition

In addition to doing the things above, we also have to pay attention to some other things, namely the condition of the land that we will use to build the building. By checking the condition of the soil, then we can choose what kind of foundation that is suitable for the house building that we will set up.

If the land used is hard enough and we want to build a one-story house, then the stone foundation is considered strong enough to be used.

If the land used is hard enough and we want to build a two-story house, then we can use a combination of stone foundation and footplate.