The only problem is my desire always exceeds gets me and that is the problem. How many of you have the same problem? Too many goals – too little time – too many goals fulfilled that have the ability to demotivate. You know what you want – you know how to get there – but the results just do not meet the intentions. Mansfield tree service know how to Fix it all too common conditions. There are still some foliage, but not what it has. The tree looked like he was dying. We raise water, and some branches grow, but many others do not. I trimmed the outer branch, and removed a lot of dead growth – but still no real progress.

Finally I consulted the Mansfield tree service to see what can be done. The expert takes one look at the tree and knows exactly what to do. He can see that the tree has grown without any pruning. Many small limbs that have to be trimmed have grown into large limbs. There should be 15 or 20 limbs that create an uncontrolled growth pattern. The only problem is that the root tree of the structure does not support that much foliage – it is a desert tree, adapted to a low water environment. The result will be the death of the tree – except the large quantity of the limb tree is reduced to no more than 5-7.

Since speaking with Mansfield tree service expert, I’ve stood back and circled the tree several times, and now I know which limbs to erase to get down to the main 5-7 branches. Looking back, if it has been trimmed on a regular basis it does not require major surgery of this sort. Once the pruning is done, I will have a tree that will not look so good for a while, but it will develop as it recovers from excessive foliage. Mansfield tree service expert told me if I was not looking for someone with the knowledge of tree species, structure and needs as well as with habitual growth, and then following the advice given to reduce the burden of the tree root structure, within two to three years the tree would die, or blown by one of the violent summer storms we get in. Now that major operations are underway, I promise to trim it every six months, and not let this situation happen again.