There are many ways you can do to create interactive quizzes both online and offline. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages of each. Well, through this post, to complete writing about quiz creation before, this time I will discuss making quiz easily to apply to your blog or website. For Ahzaa’s friends, especially friends who have blogs, and want to provide an assessment to their students through the managed blog, this way is calculated very precisely done even without coding skills though. Creating a quiz on your blog can make visitors feel interested to visit your blog. In addition to the way we will explain, you can also visit our website to get a guide on how to make a buzzfeed quiz.

To be able to create a quiz that can be applied to a blog or website, you can make it through QuizBox. QuizBox is a web that provides a variety of tests such as personality tests, riddles, horoscopes, jokes, and more. Quiz creation is also a feature of QuizBox. As quoted from his website, building a quiz on the web does not have to be expensive and difficult. Without coding capabilities, users are allowed to deliver and manage quizzes, surveys, surveys, and research via their web.

Here are the steps.
– Go to QuizBox and select QuizBuilder menu

– On the first page Quiz Builder, fill in the available form, such as the number of questions, answer options, or score value per question then Click “Here to Make your Own Quiz”

– Make questions, answer choices and score the matter until the finish

– Select “email me the HTML source” to get the HTML code.

– On the next page, will appear HTML source, copy the code.

– Go to your Blog Dashboard, and on the Post page, select HTML

– Paste the code on the HTML page.

– You can try to see the results through Preview of your blog. Publish the post and Congratulations, your quiz is finished.