The reason, here we will discuss tips and tricks to choose a good gaming laptop and true. Well, for you who want to buy a gaming laptop, the following seven things you should consider in addition to the speed of processor owned by your target laptop. In the meantime, you may check out the best 13 inch gaming laptops online as well.

1. Type of laptop processor

Unlike on a PC where the CPU can be replaced as per the user’s wish, on a laptop device the user cannot replace the processor because it has merged with the motherboard. Therefore, you should pay attention to the type of processor used on your laptop coveted.

Currently, laptops with Intel-made processors ie Core i5 or i7 generation to 7 or higher have been able to run a variety of weight games seamlessly. Make sure you choose a laptop with a processor labeled MQ or HQ (example: i7-6700HQ) and not the one labeled “U” because this type is not intended for gaming.

2. Laptop screen

Usually, gaming laptops have a screen size above 15inci. This is intended for users more comfortable to play games with a wider screen.

Not only that, the screen resolution and the type of screen used should also be considered. You should consider a laptop that has a minimum screen resolution of HD and the type of screen used is IPS technology.

This can ensure the quality of the graphics displayed better laptop screen.

3. VGA or graphics processor

VGA is one important component if you intend to buy a gaming laptop. Unlike the processor that is in charge of running the application, VGA has the task of handling the game graphic affairs that you’re currently running.

So, even if the laptop you are looking for has a high-speed processor, it will be wasteful if the VGA used is not suitable for heavy gameplay. As an example, the graphics processor that made by Intel HD is more suitable for the light activity.

Therefore, you should choose a laptop with graphics processor made by Nvidia GTX series or VGA made by AMD Radeon R7 230 or R9 series and above.