In a championship, you will probably find a variety of medals given to the winners of the championship in accordance with their quality in the championship. then, you should also know that the medal is not made carelessly but with good technique. You can create the medals you need by visiting

You must know that the second champion in a championship will get a silver medal. However, is it true that the medal is 100% made of silver? If you know the Rio Olympics, the Olympics are as advertised, all of them composed of silver with a purity of 92.5% purity levels in it. This is in contrast to the London Olympics in 2012 which has 93% of the silver medal awarded to the winners and 7% of copper in it. About 30% of the silver used in the Rio medal is obtained from an existing recycling source. It also includes X-ray python, auto parts, and mirrors. Thus, the silver level on a medal depends on the Olympics that organize it.