In general, we must take care of the things we carry. But you need to remember that the passengers on the ship or boat more than you ride the plane or train. To be more safety you should be extra to keep every item you carry. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to Learn to Sail While Holidaying as well.

Bring fast food and durable

You should know that food on board can cost three times as much as the price of food on land. So, it’s good you bring your own fast food and durable. For example, you can bring about, or boiled eggs. Make sure you prepare your food unless you are willing to spend a lot of money just to fill your empty stomach.

Protect your stuff with plastic so as not to get seawater

It’s good you protect your stuff with plastic. Especially your valuables. On ships prone with sea water. You will not know when something is leaking and about your stuff.